Header Tag Optimization

A free guide to the basics of optimizing your H1 & H2 heading tags.

H1 & H2 headers are among the more heavily weighed elements of on-page content. If leveraged properly, H1 & H2 headers can be very effective in helping to shape search engines perception of your pages content.

The header tags (H1, H2, H3 and so on) represent the beginning of a new section or area of a pages content and alert search engine spiders of the relevancy of the content that follows the heading tag.

Optimizing Headers/Heading Tags

H1, H2 & H3 headers/heading tag technical details


Headers should reside tags with-in the <body></body> of a document, and should precede relevant content segments.


<h1>Optimized heading tag goes here</h1>
<p>Some content directly related to the H1 content</p>

<h2>Optimized heading tag goes here</h2>
<p>Some content directly related to the H2 content</p>

<h3>Optimized heading tag goes here</h3>
<p>Some content directly related to the H3 content</p>


Maximum character limit – No specific character limit

Header optimization tips

  • IMPORTANT: More is not better, don’t overuse! Limit each page to one H1 & 1-2 H2s, then use H3s
  • Limit length of heading tags; avoid words that aren’t relevant to the page’s content
  • Include exact target phrases with-in heading tags, but use variations to avoid obvious repetition
  • Include target phrases toward the front of heading tags for best performance
  • Include support content after heading tags; each heading should precede a body of relevant content
  • Place heading tags in order. H1 should appear first in code, the H2, H3 and so on

Optimized H1 Header examples

Assuming the target phrase is “Free SEO Guide” here are a few examples of H1 headers with varying qualities of optimization.

Poor H1 Header:
” … ” (none)
“Hey, welcome to this page. Read this exciting guide to find out more about doing good stuff for your site.”

Better H1 Header:
“A Handy Dandy SEO Guide from SaverSites.com”

Best H1 Header:
“Free SEO Guide”

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