Meta Keywords Optimization

A free guide to the basics of optimizing your meta keywords.

While the meta keyword element is now widely acknowledged to have little SEO value, certain search engines still refer to meta keyword content. It’s always a good idea to thoroughly theme your pages, including meta keywords.

[ Note: Generally meta keywords content does not appear in search result listings content or in areas visible to human visitors. ]

Optimizing Meta Keywords

Meta Keyword Technical details


The meta keywords tag should reside with other meta tags in the <HEAD></HEAD> of a document


<META NAME=”keywords” CONTENT=”keyword, keyphrase one, keyphrase two“>


Maximum character limit – none
[ avoid keyword stuffing, it doesn’t help & could hurt ]

Meta Keyword optimization tips

  • Limit the number of phrases targeted on a page to 2-3 core phrases (max)
  • Limit meta keywords to target phrases relevant to the page, avoid irrelevant words
  • Include phrases relevant to the page’s content, avoid phrases the content doesn’t support
  • Include the exact target phrases, common plurals, and tenses (ie SEO guide, SEO guides)
  • Separate each keyword with a comma and space, avoid double spacing
  • Avoid repeating similar phrase parts back-to-back (ie free SEO guide, SEO guide)